In partnership with the Humane Educational Society, Cansler Photography is inviting a limited number of pets to be part of the second edition of Paw Prints of Chattanooga.
This beautiful first edition of Paw Prints of Chattanooga was a prized coffee table book for many Chattanoogans. We expect the new second edition to be highly anticipated. The book will be a wonderful showcase for your pet and proceeds will help save the lives of at risk animals.
$300 for the first dog ($150 for each additional dog at the same session) gets you a one-hour portrait session and one copy of the coffee-table book,  proceeds go to Humane Educational Society.
We love to get to know you and learn about your pets personality. We offer one of two types of planning sessions, one is by using Zoom to learn about you and your pets personality and the other is in person, for those that want a special commissioned art piece to showcase in the book(limited to 12 families).
A one hour portrait session of your pooch on special background for the book. Additional backdrops will be available. We welcome props, clothing, or other items that reflect your dogs personality. You will be able to purchase portraits of your dog at the time you choose your dog's feature portrait for the book.
Beautiful, custom-designed, coffee table book is included with each donation (additional copies are available for purchase, all proceeds go to HES). Book will be completed in time for 2021 holiday gifting.
Limited spots available, so book early!
| Amazing portraits
"The Paw Prints Project was such a fun way to support the Humane Educational Society! The photographs that were taken were incredible and it was hard to choose just one for the book! Fortunately, there was the opportunity to choose several different portraits to bring home too! My pups are part of my family and being able to bring home beautiful and professional portraits of them was amazing! Seeing the portrait makes me smile every day and I know it will make me smile for years to come! I can’t wait to participate again this year and include the new addition to the family!! ~ Patrice Schermerhorn
| Experience exceeded expectations
"A friend shared the information about the first coffee table book.  She knew I loved animals and had three dogs I adored.  I was so excited it was a chance to help the HES and get professional portraits of my beloved dogs.  The book was more than we had imagined.  Lovely portraits of beautiful treasured family members.  We treasure our photographs.  Little did we know at the time that in just a few months we would lose our youngest dog to cancer.  It was heart breaking.  We were so thankful we had the portraits and the book.  They both mean more to us than we can express.  Thank you for the opportunity to help HES and giving us a treasure." ~ Cyndee Sims


Our animals are so much more than just pets. They are constant companions, best friends, fur-kids, snuggle partners, hiking or biking partners and protectors. They are such an important part of the family that they deserve professional portraits that will last. Our goal is to celebrate that relationship and show each of their unique personalities.
Q: My dogs have not been trained, will you be able to create portraits of them?

A: The answer is yes, if you stay calm! Pets will pick up on the parent’s stress and if you stay non-demanding we will be able to capture their unique personality. Patience is required!

Q: How should I best prepare for the session?

A: Once you make your donation to the HES and book your session we will contact you to learn more about your pets, their personalities and issues or concerns you might have. In addition we will send you a PDF outlining several steps to help insure a successful portrait session. 

Q: How will I choose my favorite portraits?

A: Once you bring your pets in for the session we will schedule a personalized time for you to come in to the studio to relax and review the images that we created. At this time you will select which portrait you want to be featured in the book. You will also have the opportunity to purchase different products that we have created specifically for this HES project. The portraits are presented life size on a screen so that you can see all the details.

Q: Can I get in the portrait with my pets?

A: Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to do this because they are part of your family. Some may want to just do the children and the furry kids, but family portraits showcasing pets are always a stunning addition to your home.

Q: What backgrounds are available?

A: To keep the book consistent and focus on the dogs individual personalities all portraits for the book will be done on a clean white background or a completely black background. However, we will have formal backgrounds available for more of a couture look if that is something you would like for yourself.

Q: Will you take portraits of my 2, 3, 4 dogs together?

A: Of course, however the design of the coffee table book will feature one dog per page so we will create individual portraits and if you wish to invest in a unique art piece with all of them together that will be available.
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